Autobiography of Josline Tetreault, wildlife artist

Born in Quebec in 1953, in Montreal.

 Very young, I developed an interest for all forms of art: from crafts, photography and pottery to embroidery, sculpting and glasswork. Finally, painting becomes my medium of expression.

Josline T├ętreault, wildlife artist This passion started in 1998 with acrylic paint. From 1998 to 2002, my initiation is done with various teachers and techniques.

In 2002, after watching a painting demonstration by painter Lise Auger at the Accueil des Grand Peintres de Chesterville, I attend her oil painting workshop. This new medium has me sold.

I try out wildlife painting on my own and find my niche there. The big cats are my favoured subjects, but all types of animals are depicted. My fascination and my love of animals guide me. Sometimes, I paint landscapes with brooks that inspire me more than others.

Over the years, I attend other workshops, notably with Cathia Hamel, Chantal Ouellette and Lise Auger. 

- Josline Tetro